July 2012: This blog is now an archive of the ELVSS 12 project. When the project was active (March-May 2012), this blog was what could be described as its operations manual. It was the central source of information – both static and dynamic – for the project, and, as such, the text is directed to its student participants.

We hope you enjoy perusing these pages and that you might be able to use some of the information to inspire/guide your own internationally collaborative mobile movie project. If so, do drop us a line and let us know what you’re up to: elvss2012@gmail.com . Keep the info flowing.  (ELVSS 13 is already in the works. Who knows? Perhaps we can collaborate.)


Welcome to online home of ELVSS, the Entertainment Lab for the Very Small Screen. This is the central location for communication, discussion and resources for the ELVSS Project 2012.  [Here is an explanation of what the ELVSS project is and how it works.]

You can navigate through this site using the tabs above. Below is an explanation of what’s under some of those tabs. Those tabs not explained below, we feel, are self-explanatory.

Updates will contain . . . well, updates of the project during its active life. After that, it will revert to being just a part of the project’s archive.

Timeline(s) lsts the major milestones we’ll be hitting in the ELVSS12 international collaboration – including individual milestones in each local group. It’s where you go when you need a reminder about where we are, what’s next and when that happens.

Elements includes the 24 Frames 24 Hours Vimeo presence; the Google Doc we’ll be keeping (which is the place to chuck stuff until it gets organised onto this blog); our DropBox account, which is our shared repository; SoundCloud, the place to gather all sound resources; plus more elements as they arise.

Resources contains lists of tools and assets you can draw on to help you in this project, and in your knowledge about what we’re doing.  Resources includes links to mobile film festivals; articles, papers, journals and other writing about mobile movie making; lists of useful wireless apps (both iOS and Android); other Web2 tools.

Participants is basically a list of the people involved in this project.  For students, it’s where you’ll link out to your team blogs.  This page also lists the lecturers involved in this project, including the Team Leader lecturers plus info on any guest lecturers. It will also provide a bit of information about each of the schools and areas that are involved here.

ELVSS PROJECTS is where the teams embed the projects themselves. Each team should have their own WordPress blog, where they put important rushes, test footage, etc.  Also on each teams’ individual blog sites will be found a journaling of each step of the process.  But when you’re finished, the final projects will be embedded here.

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